When I look at our international projects, I am quite proud. In recent years we have steadily built up a legacy. It is not easy to bring about innovation in international supply chains. Working with SMEs and emerging economies can be erratic. But we are becoming a real expert, as these projects demonstrate.

The overall momentum is positive too. The days of constantly having to convince companies of the importance of our agenda are over. They are now intrinsically motivated to participate in our projects.

MVO Nederland operates at the interface of the responsibility that entrepreneurs are willing to take and the requirements of the Sustainable Development Goals. This is our response to the question that many policymakers ask: how do I ensure that companies comply with OECD guidelines and due diligence while at the same time making sustainable choices?

Our international projects have so much potential. Many of them emanated from the four-year Omzet met Impact (Business with Impact) programme. We are now entering the final year of that programme, but honestly it would be a shame if it stopped here. We have only just begun! I therefore hope that we can continue and scale up our successful projects as part of a new programme.

In the past few years, MVO Nederland has become an expert in bringing policy and business closer together. With our extensive business network and pragmatic approach we can quickly explore whether entrepreneurs are open to a project and, if so, get things up to speed.

Are you facing a sustainability challenge that seems hard to tackle? Feel free to contact me. Let’s see if MVO Nederland can help you find the solution.

Petra Veeneman

International Team Lead